What changes in your life after getting an award?


Not too long ago, in November 2016, a second-year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at UCLan was awarded for best oral presentation at the North West Student Research Conference.

The event created by the Royal Preston Hospital Medical Student Research Society, is the result of a partnership with the University of Manchester and aims to encourage medical students to undertake research projects.

Now, two months later, Jamal Khudr says what changed in his life after receiving this prestigious award amongst 50 medical students from all across the North West:

“This award gave me a wider approach to research and the possibilities into this field.”

By “just attending the conference and witnessing all the various types of research being presented”, the student believes he now has “the ability to follow any minute or macro point” and is “able to produce research as it is always possible to find more or create a larger difference in this world”, he continued.

The presentation about the association between the helicobacter pylori and peptic ulcer disease gave him not only the chance to overcome his competitors and himself, but also made him achieve the main goal of this healthy competition by making him more interested in medical investigation…Which keeps the medical and academic community proud and motivated to continue to encourage young students throughout their academic path.

“This award acts both to humble and yet motivate me. The idea that I was able to participate in such a conference and receive praise for my work and effort is humbling, while achieving this milestone motivates me to continue working hard to learn and improve my research”, Jamal concluded.




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