Is Instagram revolutionising politics?

It is a 21st-century technology, firstly designed to share pictures from our daily lives beautifully filtered and coloured and mainly used by young people. But, as years gone by, Instagram became one of the world’s favourite social media app’s…And even politicians understood how this tool could be incredibly useful if you want your “followers” to become your “voters”.

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Forget all about old-fashioned politics with serious, conservative and grey people.

Who will ever forget USA’s very own and already very missed…President Barack Obama?

The good news is that he is not alone in this digital revolution.

Meet the President of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, and do not be foolish by thinking that a 53-year-old politician, and serious person indeed, cannot be successful on Instagram.

He might have more followers than you will ever have.

With 22,7k followers on his social media account, Mr. Pahor not only puts Slovenia in the digital world map, as he also proves that being a celebrity President is not something exclusive from the United States of America.

Leading his country since 2012 and facing elections again this year, Borut Pahor shares pictures of all kinds. From state meetings to casual family trips, Slovenia’s President is keen to show to his people how happy he is in his daily life.

But what do people think about active social media politicians? Do they truly believe that Instagram is a powerful source to influence people?

“Our president is very present on all social media platforms and other media, which gives him a lot of recognition all around the country. He is really trying to be people’s president, down to earth and in touch with all the residents no matter the socio-economic background. But at the same time the president might have to look a bit more professional than he is. I like it that he is not some intouchable persona without connection with his voters, but I would rather see more outcomes from his presidency. I realize nowadays it is not possible to avoid (social) media since it covers their every move and it is a great way to attrack voters, but if you use this communication channels as a president you need to be careful not to give the wrong impression.”, says Nina Buh, 24, from Slovenia.

On the other hand, and from a more optimistic point of view, 21-year-old Patricia Naguiat, from Canada, gave her opinion on her Prime-Minister:

“I follow Justin Trudeau on Instagram and, originally, I followed him because I adored him as a person, but doing so has benefitted me by keeping me connected with the current policies and changes back home in Canada. I think, yes, definitely he benefits from his account, especially when it comes to communicating with the younger generations. I think my generation specifically, feels more connected with Justin Trudeau because of his constant use of social media.”

Canada’s Prime-Minister, Justin Trudeau, has also become highly popular on Instagram. Still looking young and handsome, Mr. Trudeau also puts modern politics in perspective,  every time he posts a not-so-traditional picture for a politician’s account.

Whether we are talking about pictures of a healthy lifestyle, family gatherings, or important political debates and issues, the truth is that these, still very serious men, are making politics great again. With or without influence on his supporters or potential ones, “social media politicians” are literally sharing with the world that they are humans too and, therefore, one of us. Nevertheless, by becoming active on Instagram politicians are giving space to everyone to comment on what they are doing, which can be seen as a brave step for someone who is caring a country on his/her shoulders.


Modern, active, open-minded and definitely not grey, but filtered and coloured instead, they are part of their country’s people and culture and they seem to look forward to continuing being an everyday presence in their people’s lives.



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