Being in the film industry: the Oscars influence on younger generations

Last Sunday, was the 89th Academy Award ceremony, also known as the Oscars, in Los Angeles and, although, this is a moment of glamour and elegance we can guarantee you this is much more than that. Every year billions of people all over the world stop their lives to watch the greatest film ceremony and to wonder who is the best actress or the best film director of the year.

However, being passionate about the film industry is not the only thing that keeps people, and specially the younger ones, close to the TV. The Oscars ceremony is also an opportunity for actors, actresses and film directors to go up on stage and share their message to the world.

This year, for instance, Viola Davis won the award for “Best Actress in a Supporting Role” and “Moonlight” was named “Best Picture”. These are two examples of the Afro-American “victory” in the film industry, which can only mean one thing: a powerful speech.

“Very clearly, very clearly, even in my dreams this cannot be true. But I’m done with dreams because this is true.” Barry Jenkins (“Moolinght” director)





“I hope that this is inspiring little black girls and brown boys who are watching us at home and who are still marginalized and take some inspiration from this beautiful group of artists.”

Adele Romanski (“Moonlight” producer)

Last year, Leonardo DiCaprio talked about the climate change, and in 2015 Patricia Arquette expressed her thoughts about women’s rights…So where do these powerful speeches lead us? How important are they to younger generations in the film industry?

We interviewed Danny Scott, a Film Production student from the University of Central Lancashire, who believes that the young ones “have to be able to believe they can achieve success within the film industry”:

“I believe if you do not have a goal to win or at least make a meaningful impact on society then the film industry will forever purely be a hobby. You have to invest time, resources and energy in becoming the best version of yourself you can be. However that is not too say that I believe that other people’s opinions should completely determine how you see yourself as a filmmaker. I do believe that recognition for a filmmaking is the goal for many up and coming individuals. Speeches that are showcased at the Oscars can definitely have a very powerful impact on an individual. If you understand and have appreciation for where the person receiving the award has come from. This results in you being able to relate to that material.”

On the other hand, for Danny the speeches are also “political at times” which may “become tiresome” and “deters people away from listening to the messages that the celebrities are putting forth to the public.”

This might be just Danny’s opinion but, one thing we know for sure: the Oscars ceremony will always influence attitudes through its speeches and everything it represents…Whether it is the willing to succeed in the film industry, or simply by influencing people from all over the world to achieve their dreams (whatever they are).


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