Headscarves at workplaces: to use or not to use?

This week, all newspapers came out with an article about European Union’s intention of banning headscarves. In some countries like Germany, Austria, France, Belgium or the Netherlands this already part of the law. However, why is the EU so interested in expanding the idea?

Apparently, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) defends that this ban should be applied to internal company rules in order to avoid any kind of political, philosophical or religious signs at workplaces.

Nonetheless, if the EU is looking for ways of creating equality at workplaces, does that mean they have the right to tell people (specially women) what should they wear? And if so, where are the basic rights of Humankind?

This is how some women, who use headscarves on a daily basis, responded to this possible law:

Safeia El Jack, an 18-year-old journalism student, also told us what she thinks about this issue…And she might leave you thinking about it:

“I think it slightly goes in conflict with basic freedom rights. Although the ban does not discriminate against the religion itself and rather on religious clothing, it still denies someone the ability choose to express it outwardly. If employers do not allow Islamic headscarves to be worn in workplaces, then I can only expect all religious clothing to be included in this ban. As someone who has worn the scarf for only a couple of years now, I would feel violated if my workplace came in and imposed this ban and I feel bad for women who are in this predicament who have worn it for a longer period time than me. What are they supposed to do? Pick their job/career or their faith?”



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